How to Draw Medieval Dragons

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When drawing a medieval dragon you will still start out with a single basic shape. Learn how to draw medieval dragons with help from an illustrator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Erik, I'm an artist and I'm going to show you how to draw medieval dragons. Okay let's start out with a head shape which is just going to be a basic circle. Draw that in. And then let's draw a line through that, come through draw the neck. And lets draw a big like a meaty torso which is just going to be a potato or lumpy oval shape. I do the thigh. And then this is just the beginning framework. It's kind of like drawing an ostrich actually. Come down draw the leg. Draw some claws some large ones. Come down draw the leg draw some large claws there. And then lets draw an arm here coming down. Draw some claws. And then let's match on that side kind of draw a claw. Okay and then let's draw a tail which is going to be a little large curve around the front. And let's do some wings here. Bring it down, bring this up. And then do three lines coming out of this. And one line coming out of this. And then connect them like a bat's wings. Down and over. And then let's do the same on this side. One, two, three. One connect these and over. Okay and let's bring this in, kind of draw the lizard's snout there. Let's fill in the neck. Bring the neck up, fill in this arm. Fill in this arm also. Let's begin by filling in these legs right down. Fill in this leg, bring it down. It's up and over. And start filling in his face. Okay give it a lizard like snout. And let's give it the under part of that. There we go. Add some teeth. And let's add some nostrils there. Give it some eyes. Now let's give it sometimes they have those weird little cone things on the side. Give it some horns here. Okay now let's connect, let's start erasing some of these extra lines here that we don't need. Erase this portion here and just erase start erasing some of the framework here. Alright it looks like I forgot to fill in the tail here. Bring this around. Bring this down with a kind of triangle ending. Bring this around bring it up. And they have interesting underbellies where there's some crosshatching. Let's just fill that in. Fill that. Okay. And get rid of this extra line here. Alright and that is how you draw medieval dragons.


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