How to Draw Fierce Dragons

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Drawing a fierce dragon is a great way to get some experience drawing something on the scary side. Draw fierce dragons with help from an illustrator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name's Erik, I'm an artist and I'm going to show you how to draw fierce dragons. OK, let's start out with the head, which is just going to be a basic circle, and let's put a line through that and just draw the neck, and this is just the guide lines right here. And then, just draw, again like for the body, which is just going to be an egg, or potato shape, just for the, the meat of the dragon. Now, let's draw the thigh, as a, kind of an oval, come down, now a dragon's kind of have legs, like ostriches, so let's draw, it's got a shape like that, and then draw the claws there. Let's go ahead and do the other leg. OK, now let's just draw a line that's going to guide us for drawing the tail over here. And then let's do the arms, they kind of have arms like, they're very dinosaur like, so they have arms like T-Rex's. Come down and then do the claws. Match that one, come down, do the little claws, and then let's do the wings which are going to be drawn like a, I'd start out with like an inverse L. That, and then that. And then come out and draw three lines. And at the joint down here, draw one more. And then connect them, kind of like a bat's wing. That, and then that one there, bring it in. OK, then let's start out and draw the other wing there. An inverse L, three lines, do that. Bring that in. In there, and bring it in there. OK, now let's fill out some of the meat of this thing. And bring down, kind of like a beak or a lizard snout there. Add some teeth. Bring that in too. Fill in the neck. Top part of the neck. Bring that in. And they kind of have these, not unlike the wings, kind of these Atlantian gill parts here that you can put in. Some horns. OK, now let's fill in these arms. That arm, fill in this leg. Some meat to that. Fill in this leg. Fill in the tail. OK, let's give this an eye, and give it an underbelly. And that is how you draw fierce dragons.


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