How to Draw a Viking

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Vikings are typically depicted as large men who wear very specific hats and armor. Draw a viking with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Al Krokosky and I'm an artist. Today, I'm going to show you how to draw a viking. We start off with his head. I'm going to draw the basic shape of his head first. It's going to get wider as we get down to the chin. And down here, going to have his epic beard. He's going to have a large beard, and above that, a mustache, and a nose leading up to the eyebrows and two ears on either side. And on top on his head he's going to be wearing a helmet. It's going to curve down and back up, come to a point and then out from the sides, two large horns, both sides. Try to make them the same length, same size. We're going to have a stripe coming down the helmet and we'll color the rest in. And let's give him eyes real quick. There we go. And then from here, start drawing his shoulders. Being a big strong guy he's going to have broad shoulders, and curve down, draw the chest. Go across down to the ribcage, and then the torso. And we're going to turn all of this in to armor, in a little bit. Below the waist, you can draw a cloth, in three sections. Shade those in a bit. And then the legs extending from that. And draw ovals coming out leading down to the knee. We'll draw a circle over the knee, color that in. And then the calf, and we'll give him some boots. Be sure to put some creases in there. They're not going to be perfectly straight. And there we go. OK. Now, we'll go back up and draw his arms. And again, they have large strong arms, leading up to the elbow. And then have the arms bend down slightly. And we're going to give him gloves. And in his hand, we're going to keep this hand closed a little bit because we're going to put a weapon in that hand in a second. This hand we'll leave empty, so it will be more open. And we'll color the glove in. So, in this hand we're going to put an ax. Draw a large rectangle shooting out, curve and draw the small part of the ax, and a large part on the other side. We'll add some more to his clothing. We'll give him a cape, draw these shapes up here on his shoulders, attaching the cape. And we'll have it blowing in the wind a little bit, see a little bit of it underneath his legs and then a little bit on this side. We shade this part in. One more other thing we can do is give him another weapon. Say he has a sword attached to his back, ready to use at any time. And then just go back and add some more detail in to the armor. And you could design that however you'd like. This is just one example of a viking. Shading, detail, textures, those all help out a lot. And that should do it. That is how you draw a viking. Thank you for watching, and keep on drawing.


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