How to Draw Daredevil

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When drawing a daredevil you'll want to start out by drawing the skeleton underneath. Learn how to draw a daredevil with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Al Krakosky and I'm an artist. Today, I'm going to show you how to draw a daredevil. We're going to start off by drawing the skeleton underneath. So we're going to draw his head first with a light pencil because you'll be erasing and drawing over these lines in a little bit. So we'll draw the head first and the neck. We're going to draw his chest leading down to the ribcage, do his back. Up here we're going to draw a circle or an oval for the shoulder, a diagonal line down for the arm, a small circle for the elbow, a line down for the forearm and then a rectangle for the hand. Draw his leg, a line for the leg, a circle for the knee, a line for the rest of the leg and then part of the boot. His other leg is going to be bent out this way, so a line, a circle for the knee and a line down for the rest of the leg and then part of the boot, an oval for his other shoulder, a line down for his arm. This arm is going to be bent, a circle for the elbow and a line out and a rectangle for the hand. I made this leg a little short so we'll extend that a little bit. So once you have the skeleton, you're just going to overlay on top of that. I'm going to add on and then we'll erase what we don't need any more. We're going to add muscles surrounding the skeleton, onto the ribcage, add the chest. We're going to curve down for the leg, down to the knee and then curve for the bottom of the leg leading down to the bottom of the boot. So you're just going to surround the skeleton and this works with any stance. So we're going to go in and erase a little bit of this and we'll add some more detail. So you erase all the lines that you no longer need, don't need any of that. So you started with a light pencil then to add more detail you'd go on to a darker pencil and you want to make sure you drew it light first so you can easily erase the skeleton on the inside. So there's our outline of everything and we'll go back and add some more detail. You can add a utility belt and put a little holster on the side of his leg, put some lines down here to make these into boots, make these into gloves. We'll add some more muscle definition. Of course we've got to finish off his mask. We'll cut out a piece here for his nose and mouth, draw in his eyes above that, the horns on top and we'll give him his batons and his hands and of course, we need to add his logo, two Ds overlapping in the center. So there's daredevil. Then you can go back and add some more detail. It's going to be a lot easier for you using pencil or pen. So that's what I'd recommend doing. So you just start off with a skeleton and then the muscles around that and then add your final detail. And that's it. That is how you draw a daredevil. Thank you for watching and keep on drawing.


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