Definition of a Semi-Acoustic Guitar

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A semi-acoustic guitar is defined in a very specific way. Learn the definition of a semi-acoustic guitar with help from a Los Angeles-based guitar player in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Marcus Gerakos. I'm a guitar player based here is Los Angeles. I do a lot of studio work here for films and television. Here to talk today about a semi-acoustic guitar. What it is, what the advantages are. First of all, let's listen to what it sounds like. Ok. You'll notice that if you look closely at the sound hole, we've got a battery compartment, we have an onboard volume and tone control and, which is not visible to you, is the fact that we have three microphones inside the the body, mounted inside the body. This particular system was designed by Truetone. They're a company based in in Syracuse, New York. And, the advantage of doing it this way, in other words, mounting multiple microphones inside the guitar, means that you're hearing the guitar from several different vantage points as opposed to just having let's say a bridge pickup, which only hears the guitar from this vantage point. Tends to give you sort of a banjo sort of sound, nasal sound. This gives you a much more life-like sound when you have several vantage points that, that are hearing the guitar at the same time. So, again the advantage of a semi-acoustic is that you can plug it in, you can make yourself louder. Right, you can plug it in, you can go through a PA system. You can plug it in to a guitar amplifier. SWR makes particularly good guitar amplifiers for acoustic instruments. And, the down side is that there is a limit to how loud you can get. For a guitar that's fairly resonant like this one is, it's going to start feeding back at certain points. So, you'll want to position yourself strategically in relation to drummers. Let's say a conga player, you'll want to probably allow yourself some distance on stage to accommodate that. So, again, but there are a lot of advantages to being able to control your volume for larger audiences or for louder on stage setups. My name is Marcus Gerakos. I'm a guitarist here in the LA area and this has been a short discussion of the semi-acoustic guitar.


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