The Guitar Effects of Reverberation vs. Delay

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Reverberation and delay are two very different types of guitar effects. Learn about the differences between reverberation and delay with help from a Los Angeles-based guitar player in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

I'm Marcus Gerakos. I'm a guitarist based here in the LA area. I do a lot of studio work at film and television and I'm going to talk about the difference between reverb and digital delay on the guitar, in relation to the guitar. You'll notice I have a nylon string acoustic guitar here but still I can explain the point. Reverb is what happens let's say if you are playing the guitar or the piano or any instrument in a very, what's called an acoustically live room where you have a lot of sound bouncing around and your notes are able to sustain more than they would let's say if you're playing in a dead room with very very little acoustic activity. Digital delay has to do with the repetition of sounds. Let's say if I were playing a cord like this and just sort of to acoustically mimic the sound of a digital delay petal might sound like this. You have the initial sound and then you have the delay pattern. Or you could actually set it a little, you can set the time, you can vary the time delay to get certain effects. Let's say if you're playing a scale idea like this, it might sound kind of like this if you run it through a digital delay with a fairly short delay time like that. You'll actually hear two notes where without the delay petal you'd hear this. So, that's really the difference. Reverb is either the natural or the electronic effect of ambiance or the sound bouncing throughout a room. Digital delay is the actual repetition of the sound which you can decide whether that's going to happen in long time delay or a short time delay. I'm Marcus Gerakos and this has been the difference in reverb and delay as a classical guitar.


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