Can You Mix Different Guitar Strings Together?

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You can only use certain types of guitar strings with certain types of guitars. Find out if you can mix different guitar strings together with help from a Los Angeles-based guitar player in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

I'm Marcus Gerakos. I am a guitarist based in the Los Angeles area. I do a lot of work on filming, some sound tracks, some live performance here in town. Today I am going to talk about the question,"Can you mix different guitar strings together on the same guitar?". In a word, I would say 'No'. Because what you want is uniformity as far as the character and tone color. Alright, here we have a set of strings from the same package. All nylon strings. All basically relatively gauged from low to high. And for several reasons. Let's say I play a chord shape and just listen to the the tonality of each string. Alright. Now let's just say that I had, if I were to mix steel strings with the nylon strings. You would have an uneven tonality from low to high. The same is true if you were playing a scale idea. Let's say from a string six to string one. So what you want in a scale idea, what you want to hear is again is uniformity. You want is a smooth transition between string six, to string five, string four, string three, string two. You want to hear a smooth transition between strings. Very difficult if you got different type of strings on the same guitar. So to answer the question, I would leave the strings the same. The one exception, I would say is if lets say you have heavier gauge strings on the bottom and lighter gauge strings on the top. You might be able to get away with that a little more easily. But I would never switch, lets say, extremely have gauge strings with extremely light gauge. Or nylon strings with steel strings. My name is Marcus Gerakos and this has been an answer to the question, "Can you mix different strings on the guitar?"


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