How to Draw an Emo Stick Person

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The term "emo" is commonly used as shorthand for "emotion" or "emotional." Draw an emo stick person with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Jessica and I'm an artist and I'm going to draw an Emo stick person. So basically an Emo stick person, first we're just going to do the stick person right? So as you know a stick person has a head. It's got arms. It's got a body and those pieces are all made of very basic lines just like that and then some people think it's okay to draw bubbles for hands and feet. I think that's fine too. So now we have to get to the Emo part of this okay, so now what we're going to do is we're going to give this Emo stick figure Emo hair. So we all know Emo hair it's got like these kind of slanty bangs you know kind of may be it's like long on one side and short on the other you know, very kind of dramatic, short on one side with like kind of a, maybe kind of like a fringe like so. There's a little, this person's got like an earring here, just one, just one earring and then let's see, their eyes. Their eyes say I don't care right, kind of Emo there, a lot of mascara, a lot of eyeliner on that stick person so you can really go crazy with that if you have like a dark marker. And then they've got black lipstick on so just pretend this is black but on your stick person make black lipstick. Oh and they've got a nose ring of course, a little nose ring there and then you can go ahead and just put a couple other things in here like maybe they are holding a I don't know something kind of sad and Emo like maybe, oh I know, they have black lace cuffs on their little Emo wrists and they've got sort of like combat boots on their little Emo stick figure feet, just like that. And you can draw the laces in there, just do a little bow for their laces. And that is how you draw an Emo stick figure.


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