How to Draw a Female Fantasy Character

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Drawing a female fantasy character is one way to let your imagination run wild. Draw a female fantasy character with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. My name's Jessica and I'm an artist. And today we're going to draw a female fantasy character. So, we're going to start with her face. And she has kind of a narrow face that comes down to a small chin. And we're going to draw her kind of shaggy hair. Because she's a warrior, she doesn't really have time to you know, do her hair and stuff all the time. So, you know, she's a little bit intimidating. She doesn't take no, no trouble from nobody. She's not really going to be smiling. She's seen too much. And then she's going to have her neck, and she'll be wearing something kind of a, oh, her shoulders, she'll be wearing something, she kind of at a three quarters angle here. She's going to wearing something a little bit like sporty, right. So, here she is with her arm, we'll put her arm on her hip because she is tough. And we'll make her other arm, her other arm holding a sword. Because she has had enough of peoples' trash hogging. There we go, it's got a sickle. Now, she going to have like kind of a big almost like a rustling belt type thing. I don't know why a lot of super heroes kind of wear that kind of thing. And she's got like a skirt, like a sport length skirt, because she's got to run and jump a lot, stuff like that. And then her legs are kind of thick in the thighs from all the running and whatnot. Her knees, and she's wearing boots. I don't know why, but like that's what they wear. They all wear these kind of boots. And she's going to have like buckles and things like that on her boots. Because in the future, which is where she's from, they just have a different fashion sense. Maybe she's got like a few like straps of leather coming off of her boots. That's what's going to be popular in the future. And then when we go back up, she has a cape that's pretty fantasy terrific, which you just draw behind here flying in the breeze. And she's also going to have like necklaces and things like maybe a water bottle around her neck or some other jewelry type things and a big bracelet, big kind of cuff on each arm, just like that. And then when you're done with that you can go in and you can color it anyway you want. Put some different designs and things on her clothing. Give her a little bit more character. Maybe put a little shadow or some light on the sword. Put a little star to show how sharp it is. And that is how you draw a female fantasy character.


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