How to Draw a Guitar Instrument

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A guitar is made up of a few different very specifically-shaped parts. Draw a guitar with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Jessica, and I'm an artist. And today, we're going to draw a guitar instrument. So, basically, a guitar is made of a few different parts. It's got the top, which is also referred to as the "head" or the "headstock." And, that comes in at the bottom here. And, you know, sometimes people get really crazy with the headstock, and they have these really dramatic headstock tops. You can make your own, or you can stick with this very basic sort of rectangular shape one. Next, we've got the neck. The neck comes down. It's just two parallel lines that are very straight. When you get to the bottom, the guitar has, basically, this curvy shape, and these are kind of almost S's or swervey lines, and they mirror each other and come down. And then, at the bottom, there's usually just a little tip there where maybe a strap would connect, something like that. The other one's up here somewhere. And, in addition, the guitar has, depending on how many strings it has, it typically has six tuning pegs, which are up at the top. And there's a nut, which is a piece right here. And, there's also something called a bridge, which is where the strings come down and meet. And then, the strings come in an angle to the nut, and then they all go down the body. It's kind of hard to draw six strings here, because this marker's a little thick. But, if you just draw a few lines down the neck and down the body of the guitar, people get the idea. Finally, don't forget the frets. They're these lines that go across the neck, all the way down to about here, and then there's a hole, like that. So, the frets will basically go right into that piece. And, we have also sometimes got a pickguard, and the pickguard basically will kind of come out like that, depending on how thick your guitar is. And, that's so that when you're strumming, you won't damage the guitar. Doesn't have to come in quite so much. Your guitar can, basically, be shaped like a pear, just like that. So, you can do a more detailed one, a really easy one. There's a few different ways to draw a guitar instrument.


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