How to Draw a Baby Eagle

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A baby eagle actually looks nothing like a full grown eagle. Learn how to draw a baby eagle with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Jessica and I'm an artist, and today we're going to draw baby eagles, aw. So basically with our eagle babies, it's funny, eagle babies actually look nothing like big eagles. They look like little tiny fluffy gray puffballs. So we're going to give them a lot of fur on top of their head here, just take your marker or your pen and make these kind of choppy furry lines to symbolize their fluffy head, that's going to come down into a narrower part which is kind of the neck area and just keep that fluffy jagged line going because there is just tons and tons of fuzz on these little things and when they're little tiny birds like this you really can't make out a ton of their features. They just look like big fluffy puffballs, so we're going to put a wing on here right there, there's a little tiny wing. It's not quite developed yet so it's just a little fluffy ball of wing and then they've got their little tiny feet that kind of come out. They almost look like little chick chicks, or chickens or chickadees or what have you. And then, they have this, pretend this is black. They have a black area here around their eyes and a little beak like this that comes down. So basically this is all colored in black, all here. This is all black and then this is kind of black too but we're going to shade it a little bit so that you can see that it's the beak like that and then you can take a darker, maybe you can do this kind of like a dark gray, not black and then make their eyes the darkest parts of all, these little dark balls. And then you can go back in and put a little bit of yellow on the beak maybe, there and color the rest of the chick gray. So when you take your gray pens and markers, you'll just go through and just add some jagged lines onto the wing and maybe around the rest of the body to just illustrate just how fluffy this little cute thing is. And that is how you draw a baby eagle.


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