Drawing Steps to Pirate Ship Flags

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Pirate ships usually have very unique flags mounted on top of them. Get the drawing steps to pirate ship flags with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Jessica and I'm an artist and today, we're going to draw pirate flags. So, there's a couple ways that you can do this. But basically, we're going to do a nice, big rectangle. And you can make the sides kind of, you know, say, it's blowing in the wind, you have your lines a little squiggly. And then, usually on a pirate flag there are a couple things, there is a large skull. So, basically, for the skull, don't have to get too detailed here, just draw the rounded top part of the head, bring out the sides a little. Bring the mouth down, so there's kind of the jaw area, and the teeth, and that comes up into the jaw. There is an upside-down heart nose, and two big kind of holes for eyes areas and maybe, a line down. To symbolize the top of the head, where the eyes and the forehead go into the top of the head. And then, this is the really fun part, there are two bones that cross each other at the bottom. So, basically, for a bone, we're just going to draw a set of parallel lines. And then, at the bottom, we connect them with half a heart, just like that. Now, if you want to have a little bit of fun with this, you can go ahead and put an eye patch over one of the pirate eyes. That's a lot of fun, just like that. Or, perhaps, instead of your cross bones, you can have old timey cross swords. So, there's the bottom part of the sword, give it a nice, sharp blade, and do the same thing on the other side, reversed. So, we're going to do the bottom of the sword, and bring the blade up, and the same way. And there we've got our cross swords, which would be here, where the cross bones are. And that's how you draw a pirate flag.


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