How to Draw a Furry Wolf

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Drawing a furry wolf is one way to experiment with texture in your work. Draw a furry wolf with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Jessica and I'm an artist and today we're going to work on drawing a furry wolf. So when you do your wolf, I usually will start with my ear, that's a good place to start. We're going to bring the head down into a sort of a canine looking shape here so there's a little nose there and a little piece that goes into the mouth and then you're going to bring it down and connect it to the neck. The next thing, so there's not probably going to be a ton of hair on the head but we'll put a little bit on here, we'll go in and we'll put a little fur in here but where the fur really starts to happen is on the back. So, instead of drawing the straight line where you might draw the back, just draw a whole bunch of jagged lines to indicate the back and then we're going to bring the neck down and basically instead of drawing straight lines to draw the picture, just use jagged lines like that and that will basically show that you are trying to depict a furry creature. So there's his front legs and then his underside. The underside is going to be a little less furry as well. It comes up into this sort of narrow back and then they've got these kind of powerful legs here that come down and then there's a little less hair on the foot area. So, and then of course they have a huge furry bush tail and you can just go back through and add hair wherever you feel like some should be, probably there's a little on the front here and maybe a little under the neck, some on the sides and what have you. And then you're going to give him an eye and maybe a little mouth there. But you want to give him a couple teeth. This guy's got some pretty big sharp choppers. So and then you might maybe just draw like a couple lines up like that to sort of symbolize the ribcage and that, let me give him a couple whiskers, is how you draw a furry wolf.


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