Narrative Still Life Drawing Ideas

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A still life is basically a painting of life standing still. Learn about narrative still life drawing ideas with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Ray. I'm an artist and I'm going to show you an example of a narrative still life. A still life is basically a drawing or painting of life standing still, hence the name. A narrative still life is basically the same thing except it's kind of telling a little story. So what I'm going to do real quick is show you a very simple still life. Okay, let's start with something like a bowl of fruit. Let's start with like an apple so to speak. Let's say we're drawing an apple which is basically, basically it's a circle but with a little more character. Like that's one apple and let's say you want to do a plate full of apples, you want to draw the apples in different shapes from different angles that sort of thing to sort of giving a full idea of what you're doing. Okay, alright now what you have here is basically a bunch of apples. The apples will have to be sitting on something so let's say we want to put a plate under it. Okay just to illustrate that they're sitting on something and then you have a general still life right there but what you want to do, you want to add to it a little bit so let's say you want to draw an apple that's a little farther away from the other apples. Okay just like that and this gives you a general idea and let's say this apple has like a bite taken out of it or something to that effect, okay. So that's the basis of it. What you have here, you have a general still life well, it's generally just a bowl of apples lying somewhere. You have one of the apples going off to the side which pretty much illustrates that something happened here. And it's basically that simple. So that's an example of a narrative still life.


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