How to Draw Nature in Proper Proportion

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Drawing nature is a great way to experiment with drawing a wide variety of different things. Draw nature in proper proportion with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Ray. I'm an artist and right now I'm going to show you how to illustrate nature in proportion. Now what that means is basically like a still life what you're looking at. You're looking at a nature scenario. So when I do scenarios I like to draw it like on a particular canvas for you so, let's say our scenario takes place here. And what we're trying to do right here, just basically illustrate nature. So, let's draw a natural setting in there. You want to start at the bottom with the grass. You want to draw grassy ground. So the way you do that is you go, instead of drawing a straight line you make it kind of wavy, kind of just to symbolize that it is grass and after drawing your first baseline you want to draw little blades of grass on the ground to just once again just illustrate that this is grassy ground. Now on the grassy ground you might want to put a tree. So, let's say from here we'll have an oak tree protruding from the ground. You want to draw all the branches, kind of add some lines to the tree make it look old as it is. Now with that part of the tree done you need the top, you need the foliage with leaves so what you do is you just illustrate it that way and get rid of those lines in there and once again just draw within the foliage itself to add to it and look like it's taking up space. Now like over here you might want something like the sun like you can draw the side of the sun coming out, you know, I mean this is nature we're illustrating here and like maybe in the background behind the grass maybe you'll want like mountains or something. So you can draw mountains because they're off in the distance, you know, they're a little small. So get the general idea and you might want to add something smaller like let's say birds flying either by the tree or away from it, in the area. And for birds what you basically do is drawing a bunch of little tiny Vs or checks which look like birds off in the distance. So there you have it, you have the grassy ground. You have the mountains, the trees, the sun and the birds and as you can see this is a simple scene that illustrates nature in perspective.


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