How to Draw a Bedroom to Scale

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When drawing a bedroom to scale you want to take care to make sure your proportions are accurate. Draw a bedroom to scale with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Ray. I'm an artist and right now I'm going to show you how to illustrate a bedroom to scale. Now what that means quite simply is you're basically drawing a bedroom with everything in it from a certain angle so it looks like you're actually in the room or viewing the room from outside. Now for that I'm just going to draw a basic, I'm going to start off with the scenario where it will kind of take place. Now this is the canvas, it's going to be your bedroom. Now let's start by filling up the bedroom with stuff you'd have in a bedroom starting here we're going to start with the bed itself and we'll draw the bed at an angle so that you can tell it's a bedroom. You can see it's a bed but also know that we're going to add other stuff to the drawing. Okay, so far go ahead and say this is your bed. Now we still have space to utilize so what we're going to do is we're going to fill up the room with certain things. Like this is just to illustrate the space that is being taken up from this angle and now we'll draw other things in the bedroom, let's say there's your bed, you also have a TV. So you would draw your television over here. This is 2011, let's make it a flat screen. It's on a little dresser and your dresser like everything in your room including your bed as you can see, are basically a bunch of cubes. They're a bunch of squares just manipulated to look like the objects they're supposed to look like. Like right here we have the dresser with the TV on top. We have the bed. What do you have next to your bed? You have a smaller dresser. You can draw that in as well. On top of the dresser might be a lamp or something to that nature so you want to draw a lamp right there. Also in your room you have closets, you can have the door to the room, let's say this is the entrance to the room. You can draw that as well and frame the door. You might want to have a picture on your wall so you would draw it like so. The point is to just draw it at such an angle that you can tell everything is taken up space. You might have a poster or something above the bed, you know, and if you notice everything that I've done so far to show you this room has been squares or cubes. You know, when you're doing a picture, you're doing a flat square, when you're doing the objects, you're doing more of a cubic design to make it look like it's taking up actual space. So there you have it, that is how you would illustrate a bedroom to scale.


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