How to Draw Common Barn Owls

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The body of a common barn owl resembles an oval in its shape. Draw common barn owls with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Ray. I'm an artist and right now I'm going to show you how to draw an owl. In order to draw an owl what you want to start off with is an oval shape kind of like as if you're starting to draw a head. Start off with the oval like so. And there's your general oval shape. Now you want to fill it in kind of make it look like an owl. So your next step would be to work on the eyes. Now remember everything has to be centered so kind of picture everything as being centered kind of even on both sides. Now next we're going to do the eyebrows, or just the brow basically of the animal and it goes like so. There we have the brow. Now we're going to work on the eyes, now the eyes before you draw the eyes themselves, you draw the area under the eyes with an owl, just kind of show where the eyes will go. The eyes will go center here and this is the area around the eyes. Now in the center we can put the mouth or the beak so to speak. It could be just a triangle with a line going through it. And now you can go back to the eyes which are perfect circles, supposed to be perfect circles within a circle for the owl. Now at the bottom you want to put the feet or the claws to show it's perched up on something and you can draw the general perch like so. So now you have the general form of the owl but you still want to add to it a little bit so you can't really see the owl's wings from there so you would draw little protruding wings, sort of closed on this side and you'll want to add to the center so you'll put little things here like this just to show that this is an owl and there you have it, simple to the point. You have the oval and you center it and draw your eyes, nose and feet and basically that's it. You have a general illustration of an owl.


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