How to Draw a Welsh Dragon

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A Welsh dragon is basically a symbol. Draw a Welsh dragon with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Ray. I'm an artist and now I'm going to show you how to draw a Welsh Dragon. Now a Welsh Dragon is basically like a symbol and they all kind of look the same. They all have the same basic design. What I'm going to show you is a very simple loose design of how to do a Welsh Dragon on your own. What you want to start with is the head at the front, so and the Welsh Dragon's head is kind of like a dog's head, you know, it's or like any quadruped's head. You have the ears, you have the snout and you have the jaw. In a Welsh Dragon's case it's kind of like a sinister looking jaw with a sinister arc to it. They're not happy people. And let's say I'm drawing the head here, I want to stick the tongue out a little bit. Now one thing that differentiates Welsh Dragons from your average dragon's illustration would be the ears and the points going all along the back. They have points going all along their back like so. So that's just one way to do it and then as you go down, it looks like a basic lizard but as you go down towards the back they have wings. That's one other aspect of the Welsh Dragon and the wings too have points on them. And within there you can put a little design kind of leading up to the wings any way you want to do it, like that's just very general. And now if you're drawing the legs, you're drawing the legs pretty much in the front and there's claws at the bottom and like a typical quadruped you're drawing four legs. This is the front leg that you're getting and the other leg which can be like raised or put forward is just on the other side and you draw it a little smaller because of the perspective that it's at and that's how that goes. And now if you want to draw the hind legs, you can have fun with those too. Those are just basically claws also. You can illustrate this any way you want. The front ones you draw a little bigger and the back ones on the other end you draw a little smaller to show the perspective. Now it has pretty much a wing span, it has the points on the back and the last thing that kind of makes a Welsh Dragon stick out is its tail. It usually has a tail like this with a point at the end of it. Here's the general idea. Now this is something that you can play with or that you can have fun with. You can make your lines a little more solid but this is the general design of a Welsh Dragon. So, there you have it.


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