Tricks for Drawing an Oak Tree

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Drawing an oak tree doesn't have to be the most complicated thing you attempt in a day. Learn about tricks for drawing an oak tree with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Ray and here are some pointers and tricks on how to draw an oak tree. Now, an oak tree is just your average tree but an oak tree is basically older, looks wiser, that sort of thing so what you want to do like I say all things in nature are made up of spheres, cubes, and cylinders. As you can probably guess a tree is just a huge cylinder with a bunch of spheres on top. Now, lets start with the base of the tree, the trunk, okay, and that's basically all this is right here is an oak tree and usually most oak trees you can see at the bottom, you can see the branches coming out and that sort of thing and oak trees are generally the tallest trees so this is a pretty tall tree. Okay, and now we're going to have it branch out like that, now the branches of course, you want to keep them as connected as you can because your going to add in the rest of it later but you're going to end up mainly drawing around it so lets just say this is the general illustration of the tree. Now, this is the tree trunk part so you would want to add character to it by putting some lines in there, you know make it look aged as most oak trees are. Okay, now that's general illustration of the bottom part of the tree now you want to do the top part, now the way you do that basically you're overdoing it, you're kind of really fanning out your illustration this way, now you can see the branch is still there but you can also see the actual tree around it. Okay, you see the leaves and so forth, taking up space. Now, before like I said drawing through it you want to erase your construction lines here probably to make room for the actual illustration of the tree itself so like here getting rid of these lines and so forth just, just to give it a more solid appearance. Okay, now but within the tree itself you know you got the general idea of a tree but you might want to draw a little more detail inside the branches which is basically just more shrubbery. Okay, and then you get that down, that down, and you want to do that all over because it makes a tree look more solid, look like it's taking up space. Okay, and that's it, what you have here is a general illustration of an oak tree, you know so your basic spheres, cubes, and cylinder shapes, your basic cylinder shape here, you're branching out and the roughage on top made up a bunch of spheres, made it look like it's taking up solid space and that is generally how you would draw and illustrate an oak tree.


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