How to Draw Glare on Windows

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Even something as simple as glare on a window can help add another layer of realism to your art. Draw glare on windows with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Ray, I'm an artist, I'm going to briefly show you how to draw glares on windows. Now, what you want to do first is get your basic window shape like a square. Okay, let's say this is a window, now all glare is, is light basically bouncing off the window or the reflection of something in the window. Let's say right now we're just dealing with basic light. The way you would illustrate that is by having the window itself, lets make it a full window with a frame and everything and in illustration the glare could simply be illustrated as lines like in this case this is a plain window you can see through it fine. What you want to do is put these little lines here, these little lines show that there's a glare coming off the window. Now, in a typical window illustration the window would be a little bigger and the lines would be a little thinner but they would take up essentially the whole area, now depending upon the type of drawing you're doing, it depends on how many of these lines you want to actually show cause there are certain angles that will show all the lines and there are certain angles that just might show two or three of the lines depending upon what you're doing. Another example I would say of glare on a window is lets say this, lets do a smaller window right here. This is the window and you can see glare on the window but not necessarily all the time in form of lines sometimes it's in the form of shapes, sometimes it's in the form of the actual reflection but for the simple drawing lets just say we're doing just the shapes like here's an example, you're looking this way at the window and there's a reflection of something you can't quite make out but there's an outline of it and you can even also add the lines in as well. So this is very basic, okay, so we have a more extreme example with a lot of lines, this is a smaller example with basically shapes as opposed to the lines so that is how you would draw glare from a window in sketching.


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