How to Draw WWII Fighter Planes

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World War II fighter planes tended to feature very specific designs. Learn how to draw WWII fighter planes with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Ray, and right now I'm going to illustrate for you how to draw a WWII fighting jet. Now like any form of machinery, as you're illustrating you'll find that it gets very complicated so we're going to do a kind of a simple version of that. All things, especially things mechanical are made up of your three basic shapes, spheres, cubes or cylinders and what a fighter jet is essentially is a bunch of cylinders put together. So let's start off with a general shape like so. Alright this is basically a cylinder that you're dealing with. Now as you're drawing you're going to find that you're going to have what's called a vanishing point and as we're getting to the end of the plane we want to show the back fin kind of smaller than the way you would see it up here, so the vanishing point would be about right here where the fin is and that's very general. Now you want to illustrate other parts of the plane like let's say the cockpit window, it's right here. Now what's a plane without wings. From this angle what you would do is you would illustrate the wings out as kind of like the same thing with the vanishing point and so forth. So let's say we're drawing it at a down slope here so basically have this wing protruding out this way coming down and the other wing is on the other side but because of this angle we won't be able to see it so to speak. Now you want to add other things here like at the bottom you might want propellers for the engine on the bottom of the plane here. Now the thing about a WWII fighting plane is propellers were in the front so the propellers will also in the back as to be in the back so you want to draw something like a circle to basically illustrate the movement of the propeller in the front. Now also on the side here you have other windows and so forth besides the cockpit going through to the back. And you might want to shade that in. But this gives you just a real general idea of what you're dealing with as far as drawing a fighting jet is concerned. What we have here we have the propeller, we have the wings, you can erase this line so that you get an idea. So that's basically, that's the general rough drawing of what a WWII fighter plane would look like.


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