How to Draw Someone Riding a Skateboard

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When drawing a person riding a skateboard you may want to start off with the rider's helmet. Learn how to draw someone riding a skateboard with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Al Krakosky, and I'm an artist. Today I'm going to show you how to draw someone riding a skateboard. We're going to start off with the helmet. You're going to do a half circle for the helmet. Curve across and there's out helmet. Then we add the face. You can do an oval that comes down to a point for the chin, and curve up to where the ear is going to be, put a half circle in there. And line down for the neck and curve for the neckline. I'm going to start drawing some clothes. We're going to have this arm extended out, this one extended out as well. This guy is into keeping his balance by holding his arms out. When you're drawing clothing, too, you always want to put some wrinkles and some creases in there. Some wavy lines. It's never going to be perfectly straight. All right so for this arm, we'll have that come out of his shirt a little bit and then bend up. Draw straight lines for that. We'll give him an elbow pad too. And his hand will be open. So put a thumb and the other fingers are behind this finger. Same thing for over here. This arm will be bent up slightly. Put the thumb in there. And then the fingers. OK he's going to be wearing shorts. Do the same thing you did for the shirt. Put creases and wrinkles. And for the knee, put some knee pads in there. Some ovals. Color those in. And for his shoes, going to draw tennis shoes, draw a trapezoid for a shoe. And add some design on to it. And they're both going to be facing the same direction. Want some pockets up here. Some design on the shoe. And we'll draw the skateboard. It's going to be a long oval for the skateboard. Add some circles for the wheels. We're only going to see two wheels. So we'll just draw two circles for those two wheels. Color in the top of the skateboard a little bit. And then lastly up here, we'll give him a face, some eyebrows, two dots for the eyes, a nose, and a smile. Then you can go back in and add some design to his shirt if you want. Then we'll add the ground too. And some motion lines because he's riding the skateboard. And that's it. That is how you draw a person riding a skateboard. Thank you for watching, and keep on drawing.


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