How to Do a Pencil Drawing Using Stippling

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You can do a pencil drawing using stippling in a very specific way. Learn how to do a pencil drawing using stippling with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Al Krakosky and I'm an artist. Today, I'm going to show you how to do a pencil drawing using stippling. So for this example, we're going to draw an egg. We're going to go out with a light pencil and draw our outline of our shape. You don't always need to do this, but it really helps when doing stippling. Now draw a shadow down here. Then go ahead and grab a darker pencil and start our stippling. Just start by doing the outline of the egg first and draw dots all around evenly spaced apart and connect. I'm going to go in and start doing our shaded area. The closer together the dots are, the darker it will look. We're going for a really dark look here since this is the shaded part of our egg. So very close together dots following the curve of the egg. The further apart the dots are, the lighter it will be. Your highlighted areas will have hardly any dots. So very dark around the edge of the egg. The further out we get, the more spaced apart they are until we get to an area where there are no dots at all. At the bottom, we'll do our shadow. Very dark near the egg. The further away we get, the more spaced apart the dots are. Most traditional stipplings are done in ink or paint. Stippling is a very tedious process, but gives it a very nice, detailed look. You can do this with fewer dots or more, depends on what you're looking for. But the more dots you add, the more detailed it will look. More dots for the darker areas, and less dots for the lighter areas. That's all you need to know. And that's it. And that's how you do a pencil drawing using stippling. Thank you for watching, and keep on drawing.


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