How to Draw Moving Cartoons

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Drawing a moving cartoon is a great way to work with perceived motion in your art. Draw moving cartoons with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Al Krakosky and I'm an artist. Today, I'm going to show you how to draw moving cartoons and for this the first thing you want to do is start off with your character as a stick figure. So let's say we're going to draw our character running so I'm going to draw a circle for the head, then the neck and back, bent slightly, shoulders, this arm is going to be bent back like this, a circle for the hand, this one also bent down and up, circle for the hand and then the legs. They're going to go the opposite direction of the arm. So this one is going back so this leg will go forward and this leg will go back. Then once you have your skeleton, your stick figure skeleton, you can go back and outline everything around it and so we're going to add the arm first. He's wearing a long sleeved shirt so you're going to put wrinkles in the clothing where it bends, same thing on this side and then down with the rest of the shirt and the same thing for the pants. This leg is going forward and this one is going back. So you can see it's starting to come to life a little bit. I'm going to add some shoes and then some hands. We'll leave his hands open, so thumb and fingers. And most cartoons, most cartoon characters have four fingers instead of five. So I'm going to draw four fingers and I'm going to give him a little face, nose, smile, ear, eye and I'm going to give him a hat too. So once you have your character drawn around your skeleton, you can go in and erase the stick figure and after you have that, you can go back in and add some detail with ink to finish it off and also I'm going to show you one last thing on how to improve the look of movement. Okay so that's pretty good. So we'll go in and add some detail on the clothing, maybe giving him some hair. Let's say he's ice skating instead of running, put some skates and maybe a scarf and we'll have the ground as well. Now to really show movement what we can do is just add some quick lines on the back of the body. The longer the lines, the quicker it looks like he's moving. So if you do that in a few places, his arms and his legs that better shows how quick he's moving and we can see that he's ice skating so he's going pretty fast. And that's it, that is how you draw a moving cartoon. Thank you for watching and keep on drawing.


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