How to Draw a Life-Like Zombie

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Just because zombies don't really exist doesn't mean you can't draw one that's life-like. Learn how to draw a life-like zombie with help from an illustrator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Eric. I'm an artist and I'm going to show you how to draw a lifelike zombie. Okay let's start out with the head up here, just the normal shape of a head, draw a neck, shoulder, shoulder, now let's go in here and i want to be able to see, starting out with the mouth, just some skeletal teeth in there. Now let's do this where we have part of the flesh missing on this side too so we can see part of the skull through that, put that in there. Okay now, do these eye sockets and let's make the eyes look hollowed out. Let's see, let's put an eye in here, just make that hollowed out, give it an ear. Let's give him a nose. Okay and the hair, let's just have some sparse hair poking around, give it some jaw definition, cheek definition. Actually that eye is not something I'm crazy about right now so let's give it more of an atypically shaped eye. Okay there we go. Let's just wiggle this around. Now let's have the arm, they're always kind of hunched over, zombies, so let's have one arm kind of dangling here and its arm is kind of limp with his hands and there and then let's have another one just kind of dangling limply here. Add the fingers, like that and then let's see, add that, add its body and let's put a hole coming through on this side of it. Add some ribs sticking out, some guts pouring out, not too specific gut-wise, just guts, okay, add that and that. This neck is a little too thick for the zombie I believe, it's there, add that. Now let's add some shambling feet and lets. This comes down, bring that around, bring this leg out. Let's see, let's draw a mouth there. Let's just add hands to the zombie. Let's have them ripped off on one side, come down the other, make this broader and let's bring its back out more to make it more realistically shaped, pants there, there we are and let's draw just a line there, tombstone, fill in that part. And that is how you draw a realistic zombie.


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