How to Draw a Realistic Miniature Schnauzer

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Drawing a realistic miniature schnauzer requires you to pay attention to the little details of the animal. Draw a realistic miniature schnauzer with help from an illustrator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Erik, I'm an artist and I'm going to show you how to draw a realistic miniature schnauzer. Okay, let's just start out with kind of a general shape of the schnauzer, just draw it in lightly, come in give him that neck, a beard, arm, arm, arm, fill this in in just a moment. Okay shape wise a miniature schnauzer is kind of a triangle for a body here, let's fill in this, give it some hair texture, bring its tail up. It's got smoother hair on its back and bring this long neck, bring it here, the head, bring another ear, bring this in, give it a little doggy nose, give it its mouth, lip, actually I want to bring that mouth up higher, mouth, lip and then they have almost beards, a lot of facial hair on a miniature schnauzer, a little eye here, give those brows to them. They're really quite hairy dogs, that eye, bring this in. And then from there the arm comes straight down and an arm here, a leg here, bring the torso up, add some curvature to the leg here, another leg here and its end quarter. Okay now let's clear out good portions because it still appears a little wonky, clear out these lines, actually I'm not so fond of this nose here yet. Okay let's just add some detail to its ribcage here, give it some curvature, line, line, line, structure there, clear that. Okay and then let's see, the nose should be right about here and let's just make the eyes completely dark for now because they have pretty dark eyes and then a nose. Let's just add some more facial hair and add an ear and let's add some texture to the hair throughout a bit, and then there the arm comes up, keep adding some hair texture, bring it here and there, up and around and there we go. And that is how you draw a realistic miniature schnauzer.


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