How to Draw Viking Knotwork

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Viking knotwork is not entirely dissimilar to Celtic knotwork. Draw Viking knotwork with help from an illustrator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name's Eric, I'm an artist and I'm going to show you how to draw Viking knotwork. Okay, first it's not entirely dissimilar to Celtic knotwork. Let me show you just start with a lot of loops going back and forth and lets spiral around here and show this loop, go down, curve it up, draw the other line there and then I'm going to twist this around and curve it and actually I'm going to make this portion of it go over this part of it here so I'll erase that in just a moment in between the others, go there, go up here and then let's start another one here and just really encurve it quickly, another wiggle there, curve it around, down, around, down and up, go down there, curve it up and just keep continuing like all knotwork. Viking knotwork is just building a pattern and let's start with one more down here, but this one's going to go underneath, curve it up and over, over, up and over. This one down and under, down and under, down and under and then with the Viking knotwork, a lot of it ends up ending in a dragon or a dog type head so with this one I'm going to do a dragon, a more Viking type dragon that you would see like on the mast of a Viking ship. This, do some horns, this down here, and let's have some more knotwork coming out of the face or out of the mouth of the dragon, do this down and up and under, put this down, put this over, over and under, add some more texture here and let's just give this an eye and to that bit give it some teeth, look angry, some more texture there and that is how you draw Viking knotwork.


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