How to Draw a Titanosaurus

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The name "Titanosaurus" literally translates into "Giant Lizard" or "Titanic Lizard." Draw a Titanosaurus with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Al Krakosky and I'm an artist. Today, I'm going to show you how to draw a Titanosaurus. A Titanosaurus means a giant lizard or titanic lizard. So I'm going to start off with his head at the top. He's got a small head. We're going to have him looking behind him so a little curve, come out for the mouth and then for the neck he's got a long neck but not too long so I'm going to curve back just like that, that's probably as long as we're going to go for the neck. And for the back we're going to curve up and then down to meet where the tail is going to be right about there. Before we get to that we'll draw his legs, his first leg here is going to be bent and the foot like that. His other leg over here so we're going to come straight down, bend a little bit at the knee and for the toes, just do little curves, little half ovals, a few of those on the bottom of the foot. Make sure to put some wrinkles where the knee is going to be and we'll shade this leg in just a little bit. And for the other leg over here, we'll do the same thing, come down, a little bend at the knee, down to the foot and little half ovals on the bottom. Then we'll draw the back foot and shade that in. Forgot his eye up here, we'll draw a little bit of an eye, it's a little half circle, dot in the middle and then for his tail, we're going to fix this up a little bit. We erase this a little bit, there we go. Then we'll have it curve up, back around and connect. So there is your Titanosaurus. You can add the ground in there, a little bit of some shadow on the bottom and you can go back in and add some detail, some texture on the skin, maybe some little dots, a little dot texture to give that lizardy looking skin. And that's it. That is how you draw a Titanosaurus. Thank you for watching and keep on drawing.


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