How to Draw Lustrous Hair

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Lustrous hair is often very thick and shiny. Find out how to draw lustrous hair with help from an artist who teaches art to children and adults in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Rosalie and I'm an artist and I'm going to show you how to draw lustrous hair. So, lustrous hair is like thick shiny hair. I'm going to show a hair texture. I'm just drawing, like a profile, of someone's face. The face isn't so important 'cause what we're focusing on is the hair, but there's the chin and stuff. Alright, so the hair's coming down. And, to make it look shiny it's, you put a highlight. And, the way you get a highlight on hair, draw in some of the hair texture and then leave a space and then draw some more hair texture and anywhere the hair curves over the head it will have a highlight if it's shiny, just like any shiny thing. So, you want to make textures where there are highlights. So, as you can see here is where the highlight is, at the top of the head, and then the hair sort of separates into pieces and some of them are more shiny than others. And then, this part of the hair is like, let's say it's curving out and curling. So, you would draw wherever the curl is. You would define the curl by just making a smooth bunch of lines that sort of define the movement of the hair so you can see how the hair's moving. And, under the, like this hair's coming from underneath this particular curl of hair, so it would be dark right there 'cause it would be in shadow, but then as it curves out and curls outward some light would hit it and it would have another highlight and be all shiny. So, you see that's like another area of the lustrous hair and then let's say it divides to go down her back and you can just keep filling in like a smooth set of lines that define the hair strands and have lots of highlights. So you see like the highlighted areas. So, you see it, what you end up with is, it looks shiny. And, that is how I draw lustrous hair.


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