How to Draw a Funny Skeleton

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When drawing a funny skeleton you may want to start with the skull. Draw a funny skeleton with help from an artist who teaches art to children and adults in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Rosalie and I'm an artist and I'm going to show you how to draw a funny skeleton. So this funny skeleton is going to, I'm starting with the skull. He's going to be dancing. I'm making his mouth open. There is his teeth. There's his bottom jaw and it's joined on there. There are his empty eye sockets and his nose. Okay I'm just going to sketch in a sort of basic body shape which you can do with a skeleton because all the lines will be covered by bones so there are the the hips and he's sort of dancing. Alright and so he's going to be like that and so you can see his basic structure and then I'm just going to start drawing in bones. There's the clavicles and here is his ribcage, the ribs going down and there's the back of his spine, just putting in some vertebra and here are his hip bones, the pelvis and the pelvis has like a flared shape there and there's his thigh bones or the tibia. Here's his leg bones and his skeleton foot which I'm just drawing like that like a bunch of bones. There's his other leg, there's two bones in the lower leg. There's his other skeleton foot with his skeleton toes. There's his upper arm, there's two bones in the lower arm, the forearm and there's his skeleton hand, just made out of lines. And here's his other skeleton hand. There's the thumb and there's his forearm bones and his upper arm, his shoulder blades back there and there is some vertebra in his neck. Okay he's just in a funny pose and just for extra funniness, I'm going to put a top hat on him. So there's his top hat and he has a bow tie, just to go with it. And that is how I draw a funny skeleton.


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