How to Draw Pretty Cartoon Eyes

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Just because you're drawing cartoon eyes doesn't mean you can't make them pretty. Draw pretty cartoon eyes with help from an artist who teaches art to children and adults in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Rosalie and I'm an artist, and I'm going to show you how to draw pretty cartoon eyes. So, to draw cartoon eyes, you don't have to stick so strictly to realism, and you can exaggerate the features of them. And, pretty eyes usually means they're sort of shapely. I'm just, and I'm sort of exaggerating these sort of eye shape here, making them a little bit slanted in on the bottom. And, you know, pretty is subjective, so this just one take on it, it's not how you have to do it. I'm drawing in the iris, I'm doing it kind of big. A lot of the times, pretty eyes are just sort of synonymous with like, over-sized eyes, just emphasizing the eyes. And let's say, that this person is wearing eyeshadow, and it's flared up like that, just to sort of emphasize the eye shape. And that is what eyeshadow is for, so you put it like that. And you could give the person some pupils and then, eyelashes, nice and long. Long eyelashes are usually considered to be very attractive feature and so, they would be nice and long and lush on some pretty eyes. And you put some on the bottom, and you can make that pupil a little darker. And put some on the bottom of this eye too. And then, I'll put in the eyebrows, which I'm going to make kind of, I'm going to make them out of individual. hairs. Lines to represent the individual hairs, and I'm going to make them arched, just sort of, right above the eyes. And you want to get sort of a symmetry going, because symmetry usually says, pretty in cartoons. So, there is the eyebrows. And you could just sort of, you know, maybe make a darker ring around the iris, just for some drama. And that's how I draw pretty cartoon eyes.


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