How to Draw a Baseball Swing

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Drawing a baseball swing is a great way to experiment with perceived motion in your work. Learn how to draw a baseball swing with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Daisy, I'm an artist, and I'm going to show you how to draw a baseball swing. So I'm actually going to draw a baseball player swinging his bat at the all. Going to start with some really basic shapes. A couple circles, the body. His body is going to be nice and curved. A long leg coming out the front. And this leg bending backwards. His head is going to be a little bit closer in because he's got his shoulders all the way up. So we've got the head right at the top of this circle. So this is the basic shape. Going to get rid of some of these lines quickly then build out the rest of the body. So follow this line all the way down. Give him a bit of a calf muscle with a curved line. Shoes, which can be really simple triangles. Same with this leg. It comes from behind. Fill out his muscle. Can probably make this one a little bit thicker. Same with the back foot. A little triangular shoe. Nice and simple. Then we're going to bring in his arms so he's holding the bat. Just some lines coming out from the top so we're seeing his shoulder over the side. And then this one is coming from behind. So we don't quite see it. He's more at an angle like this. And then we put in the bat, which is going to be going down because he's just hitting it. Long oval for the bat. Really simple hands. Don't need too much detail though. Let's draw the ball, just a little circle filled in. Right there. Can put some movement line in. And the ball is about top move off. Last but not least, a bit of detail in his clothing. Get rid of these lines. He's got his helmet on so we don't even have to see any of his facial features. Color in that helmet. And give him his t-shirt. And a bit of detail in his baseball pants. And there we go. My name is Daisy, and that's how you draw a baseball swing.


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