How to Draw & Color Trees

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Depending on the tree that you're drawing, every tree pretty much has a long trunk that comes down and meets the ground. Draw and color trees with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Jessica and I'm an artist and today we're going to work on drawing and coloring trees. So depending on the tree that you're drawing, every tree pretty much has a long trunk that comes down and then it's got a couple branches at the top, sometimes they're really big branches, sometimes they're just little thin branches and depending on the detail you want to get into, basically I would just draw some nice pieces of foliage around the tree like so. You don't have to draw the branches all the way up and out. Part of drawing is that you sort of start an idea and then people fill in the rest with their mind. So everyone kind of knows what's going on here. Then to fill in the color you would take green or say if it's a Fall day you would put some brown and red in and you're just going to go ahead and color the tree in, just come up to the edges. And you don't have to color it all the way in. Again, if you just fill in the pieces and leave the idea there then other people's minds will complete the image. So, we've got all this green here, here's some green and here's some green but notice we're not exactly filling it perfectly. It doesn't have to be perfect. That's the beauty of art so just go on through and just give it a little bit of a swirl here and a line there and before you know it, wallah, you have colored in a tree. Whoops, got my hand in it there, there we go. And there's a few different ways to do this. You can do it with evergreen trees. You can do it with cactuses and all kinds of different trees. But basically like say for with an evergreen tree, you might just draw the lines down to show that there are lots of pine cones on it and then color the trunk brown. You can do that on this tree too. And that is how you draw and color a tree.


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