How to Draw a Christmas Scene

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You can depict a standard Christmas scene in a number of different ways. Learn how to draw a Christmas scene with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Jessica and I'm an artist, and today we're going to draw a Christmas scene. So this Christmas scene is going to have the classic fireplace with mantel there, and some, we're going to do, let's see, we're going to have, just kind of bring the lines down to show the fireplace. And before we get into the fire, we're going to do the stockings, of which they're going to be three, so here's one, here's one and here's one, and they all have names on them. And then in the background of the fireplace is going to be the actual fire, so there we go, got a couple of yule logs burning in the fireplace, isn't that lovely? And moving on, we've got on top of the fireplace some candles and candle holders, and these candles are burning, giving off a nice little Christmas light here, and we've got a wreath hanging in the backdrop. So for your wreath you could just do kind of like a squiggly line, like so, and go back maybe and add a couple berries and one not on the wreath, maybe throw a couple of leaves in there just to make it look a little more nature-ey, there we go. And then to the side over here we've got a Christmas tree of course, it's like the main part, so we've got this big Christmas tree that comes out, and the Christmas tree of course is just like totally bedazzled with all these great ornaments, we've got a big angel on top, or a star, some people prefer stars, and of course we've got Christmas bulbs all over this thing, we've got pink bulbs, and green bulbs, and yellow bulbs, just as much color as you can, put that on the tree, because that's going to make the tree really look great, so all these nice bulbs. And we're going to go back and put lights on the tree, and the lights can just be dots, let that go all over the tree, all the way around the tree. And of course we're going to need some presents underneath this tree, so we're going to do just some various boxes with bows on them, some small boxes, some big boxes, of course you want to use lots of different colors, maybe make a round box, what would be in that round box? Maybe some, I don't know, something round. And a little, maybe a little carpet in front of the fireplace, and maybe we've got a puppy who's sleeping in front of the fireplace here, guarding the family, so puppy dog. And that is how you draw a Christmas scene.


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