How to Draw a 3D Cross

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Drawing a 3D cross will require you to add a lot of depth to a regular image. Learn how to draw a 3D cross with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name's Jessica and I'm an artist and today we're going to draw a 3D cross. So first of all you have the top and then you bring the sides down and then you have these two pieces that come out to the right and left, bring those sides down, connect them back into the middle and then draw the bottom which is a little bit longer than the top and then depending on where the sun is coming from is where the 3D is going to be so how we're looking at the cross. So if we're looking at it from the top down, you're going to bring the top back at an angle on all the pieces that you'd be able to see from the top like so and then you can also do this from the side. I'll demonstrate really fast, here's our cross, now we're going to look at it from a side angle so the bottom is a little longer than the top and we're going to bring the pieces over at an angle. All of the pieces on the right hand side here, I'll just bring them down, oops, sorry about that and this comes up, this is a very, this cross is like and you connect these two angles here so that, that can connect like that and you know maybe this doesn't have to be out quite so far, we'll bring it so that it's out even with the top. There you go and that is how you draw a 3D cross, don't forget that side too.


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