How to Draw a Cul De Sac

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A cul de sac is a type of street that is shaped like a circle. Draw a cul de sac with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Jessica and I'm an artist, and today we're going to draw a cul-de-sac. So when I am drawing my cul-de-sac, what I'm going to do is, basically the cul-de-sac is kind of the easy part, you just draw a line and do kind of a circle around like so to show the idea that the road comes to an end and forms a circle, and then where you go from there is what's going to make the cul-de-sac really happen. So say you've got, and you have a little bit of a sidewalk that goes around the cul-de-sac, and you've got maybe some people over here walking, let's see, we'll do a little guy here, and maybe he's walking home from school, he's got a backpack on, so he's walking, there's trees, some trees in the background, trees on this cul-de-sac, maybe a bush, couple of bushes, and over here is where his house is going to be, so as he gets closer to his yard area here, he goes up there's the, his house starts to happen, so maybe there's some stairs that lead up to the door and what have you. But in general your cul-de-sac just has basically two lines that come down and around and park. And if you want to draw it from a side view, you would do a similar kind of thing, almost looks sort of like a spoon. And that's how you draw a cul-de-sac.


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