How to Draw Hair With Bangs

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Bangs can be included in a few different hairstyles. Learn how to draw a picture of hair with bangs with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name's Jessica and I'm an artist and today we're going to draw hair with bangs. So we're going to do a couple different hairstyles here. We'll do our head. Do a couple heads here. Just a round circle for the head. So for our hair with bangs, one hair, hairdo we're going to do is going to be, we're going to have kind of like, I guess shoulder length hair and we'll just have it come down, come kind of straight down, and for the bangs we're going to make em, actually just straight, we'll just do straight bangs on this. So these bangs just come straight down, just like that. So, that's one kind of bangs, that you can have. Another kind of hairdo, maybe someone has like a short hairdo, maybe like a short kind of curly hair, like so. And this haircut, they're going to have these, kind of bangs that like, they kind of come out and down, in places. Sort of, some parts are longer, some parts are shorter, and then they all kind of blend together, to have this kind of cute curly do. Like so. Another form of bangs we can do, is we can have this sorta long, sweeping, luxurious hair and from the angle, on the side, the bangs will also come down, at this kind of sweep, maybe right here, just comes in a little tiny bit like that and maybe one right there too. So, and then you can blend it in, to create a sweeping hairstyle with bangs. And that is how you draw different hair with bangs.


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