How to Draw a Coast Guard Person

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Members of the coast guard have a very specific type of uniform. Draw a coast guard person with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name's Jessica and I'm an artist and today, we're going to draw a coast guard person. So, the first thing we're going to do, is start with his face. He's got this pretty nice, round kind of oval face, and he has a hat. Coast guard people wear these nice hats. So, just make kind of an oval, like almost like an eye shape on top of his forehead. Which is kind of the visor of the hat. And go down a little bit and bring up the circle of the hat, that kind of goes out like that, a little bit. He's got this kind of circular badge here, on top of his hat. And you can kind of do whatever you want, I'll just put a star here, to show that he is an important coast guard person. And maybe double up the line on the visor there. Let's make that a little more hat like, there we go. And then, we're going to give him an ear here, and we're going to give him some eyebrows and some eyes, and a nose and a mouth. O.k., he's very busy. Now, we're going to move onto his shirt. So, he's got, his neck is going to come down a little bit. And then, he has a collar shirt on, because this is, they wear kind of a uniform. So, his shirt comes down like, something like this and then, the other part of his collar is on the other side, like that. And then, his shoulder comes around, and down. And he's got these little sort of, awards or something on his shoulder here, they're on the collar. They're kind of these little buttons, or something like gold buttons. That show that he's a coast guard person. And then, he also has on his pocket, well, he's got his name here. And then, on the other pocket, he has a whole bunch of different ribbons and awards that he's won. He is a highly decorated coast guard person. And then, let's give him a big ribbon, let's give him a big coast guard person ribbon, that says, number one, he's number one. In the background, just to show that he's even further a coat guard person. We're just going to draw a little bit of an American flag behind him. So, there's the star, and here's the stripes of the flag, just make sure they connect on the other side. And you don't have to be exact about it, but we all know the flag has 50 stars, representing 50 states, and 13 stripes for the colonies. And there you go, that is how you draw a coast guard person.


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