How to Draw Fairy Makeup

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Fairies are commonly depicted in a very specific way in popular culture. Draw fairy make-up with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Jessica and I'm an artist and today we're going to draw fairy makeup. So we're going to start with our fairy, our fairy has, we're going to look at her three quarter view face so just draw this kind of rounded shape like this and her ears over here. The reason that I did it three quarters is so that we can see what's going on over her eye a little more directly. So here's her eyebrows there and here are her eyes so she has these nice oval looking eyes and her nose and her mouth. Okay so next let's give her irises and pupils and eyelashes. Okay so next we're going to work on the makeup. So basically our fairy has, we're going to do these nice little kind of dots over her eyes like so and we're going to bring them around to the side of the face. And we're going to do that on both side so we'll give her, and you can do them in different colors too. You can do them in pink and blue and yellow, all the colors of nature and what have you because fairies are very linked to nature apparently, if you like flowers and what have you. So now that we have all these cute little dots here, we're going to take some leaves and just put some leaves all around, maybe add a little bit of a vine here, there we go, sorry and we're just going to bring the vine around to curve at the bottom of the face and we're going to do this over on this side too, just a little curve here with some leaves and keep it, you know, kind of intricate if you can, that makes it look sort of cute and we're going to go back and we're going to add a couple little stars. So I like to do stars sort of like this, like little asterisks like that, they look very nice. I'm going to do a couple of those and on the lips you can add some nice pink lipstick here and we can do a little bit of a swirl coming out of the lips as well if we want on either side maybe it's going in different directions but really, oh and don't forget the eyeshadow. But really the fun part here is that we can have a lot of creative liberty with this and just really do whatever we want to. And that is how you draw fairy makeup.


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