How to Draw a Ghost Girl

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A ghost girl will have a few very specific features that you should capture in a drawing. Draw a ghost girl with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Jessica and I'm an artist and today we're going to draw a ghost girl. So our ghost girl has this sort of you know, long face and she's got long hair, always long hair on these ghost girls. They just look so much scarier and more dramatic and she'll have some bangs here. Maybe she has a little bow too because it's extra creepy when you're wearing bows and then she has this little cute dress that's a little bit you know, of an old timey looking dress and the sleeves kind of come down at the end a little bit wide so that her little ghost hands can peek through and then the dress comes down like so and here's the scariest part, she has no feet. That's just kind of like spooky. She's floating obviously. So like here's, you know, you do the ground and you just draw her kind of floating above the ground. And then her face, you know, she has these kind of, you can't really tell, like she doesn't really have eyes, just kind of has like these circles and there's her little nose and then for her mouth, same kind of thing she just has like a sort of nondescript mouth area and yeah, there she is, put a couple buttons. Maybe she's wear a nightgown, maybe that's what's going on here, it's kind of like an old timey nightgown and so we'll give her like a little bit of fringe at the bottom and on the sleeves and stuff. And that is how you draw a ghost girl, wooo.


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