How to Draw an Airplane Ship

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When drawing an airplane ship it may be wise to start out with the front of the ship. Learn how to draw an airplane ship with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey guys, this is Chris here and today, I'm going to show you how to draw an airplane ship. Now, basically, what we're going to do, is we're going to start off with the front the ship here. And drawing a diagonal line kind of going along. This is going to be the runway, so you're going to draw a couple lines going this way. Keep the line at the bottom a little bit longer, because we're looking at it kind of from a diagonal angle. You're going to want to make sure that you have a solid line at the front here, and a solid line going to the back. Just make those lines a little bit thicker. And then, at the front of the airplane ship, the aircraft carrier, there is a little bit of a swoop, that kind goes down into the water. And then, it has a bump that goes in the front. So, I always make kind of like an S shape, or a weird hook shape. And then, continue along the back, this is going to go all the way to the back of your aircraft carrier. Draw a little diagonal line there, and a little diagonal line there, where it kind of opens up. And then, keep going, keep going with your lines in the back. Until, they finally go all the way to the back and connect. And then, keep this line in the back, the same as the line in the front, because they're both going in the same direction. And we're going to continue with it, like that. Now, I'm going to take my pink, I mean, you should, if you have a red, you should use a red. But I'm going to fill in the area that is going to go below the water line, right here. And just kind of go along the edge,and that kind of goes all the way to the end, like that. I'm just basically, just going to kind of scribble in. But if you do have a marker, you should try to fill in as much as you can. This is just the basic outline for you. If you want to draw some water, you can do that. And now, I can't forget the tower. So, what I'm going to do, is I'm going to actually draw like a little box here in the front and color that in. Another like, rectangle that's going that way, and just give it a little bit of dimension there. And draw a little bit of a railing, this is where the people are watching the planes come in, to take off and land, there we go. And then, we're going to do another tower, so it's kind of like layered and stacked on top of each other here. And this is where the antenna is going to come in. Just draw one line going up like this, it almost looks kind of like a trident, now, if you if you've ever seen one of those. So, you're almost going to make a cross and then, a couple lines going up like that. And another other line, two lines going up like that. Maybe it's transmitting signals. So, maybe you want to do a couple lines, they're squiggly, going out like that. A couple landing strip lines, a couple lines going back, like this. Maybe you want to draw a couple planes, that are sitting around, waiting to, to take off. So, you can draw a couple, just basic planes. Get a little triangle in the back and then, a couple wings on the side, here. And do another one on this side. And then, maybe you've got one that's taking off. So, maybe draw one up here, with a little bit of a tail at the end. And obviously, you might want to make this a little bit cleaner. I'm just trying to show you, show you guys how to draw this, so I'm doing it a little bit fast. Maybe want to do some lines, kind of showing that it's taking off. And there you guys, your basic aircraft carrier.


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