How to Draw a Flat Soccer Ball

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When air escapes from the inside of a soccer ball it goes "flat." Draw a flat soccer ball with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey guys, this is Chris here, and today I'm going to show you how to draw a flat soccer ball. So basically when you think of a soccer ball that's gone flat I guess I personally just think of like a weird kind of like amoeba looking shape, very kind of not balanced. So I'm going to start off with kind of a shape that looks like that, it looks like maybe it got stepped on or something and then you're going to start drawing the hexagon shapes all connecting together and a hexagon is a shape with six sides. So you're going to make sure that it has six sides and drawing six lines together. I'll draw like a really quick sample up here. So it kind of looks like that but you're going to draw these shapes kind of going in the contours of the lines of the actual ball and just follow it along and see how the outside lines kind of move because that's going to also affect how these shapes come together. So you're just going to kind of go like that, drawing all your hexagon shapes and making sure that they're all connected, there you go and just keep going along doing your thing until you get to the edges, there we go and then all of the other ones you're going to want to do, you're going to want to color in every other shape. So it almost kind of looks like if you look at it, it kind of looks like a turtle back but I mean if you've got black and white and you're doing it on white paper it's going to look more like a soccer ball for sure. So basically you're just going to color in every other one so that you're leaving some white and you're leaving some dark and making sure it's spaced out. Maybe there's some grass on the side just kind of show that it's been flattened and there you go guys, a flat soccer ball.


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