How to Draw Children Step by Step

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When drawing a child step-by-step you'll want to start off with the face. Learn how to draw children step-by-step with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey guys, this is Chris here and today, I'm going to show you how to draw children step-by-step. So, basically we're going to start off with the face. And kids faces are usually a little rounder. So, we're just going to do a circle for the head here, don't forget the ears. You can do those, just a little couple of arcs going off the side. Maybe he has like alfalfa sprout or something. So, you can give him a little bit of a, make sure the hair is going on the top, like that, you do some squiggly lines. For the eyes, maybe just a couple, little dots there. Maybe, he's a little bit surprised, so you can do a couple eyebrows going up and arcs the opposite way. And he's got a little side smirk going on, he's a happy kid. Draw a little bit of a nose there in the middle, just like a little arc going down. Then, you're going to do for the neck, just two lines going parallel like that, with a little arc kind of going underneath. Just to connect those two for the neckline. A couple lines going out like this, just for the sleeves,and those are going to be the shoulders. Draw a line going down, just for the end of the sleeves. and a couple lines going in, but you're not going to bring those all the way in. Because the arm pit is usually just where the shoulder lies. So, the arm pit's going to be probably right above this area. So, for there, you're going to draw two lines going down and then, connect them at the bottom, to show the bottom of the shirt. And then, you've got, maybe like, he's got his arm going out like this. So, you're going to draw two lines kind of going parallel to each other, going out. So, maybe he's just I don't know, grabbing for something or reaching. Don't forget your five fingers there. And then, on this side, maybe he's waving. So, you're going to do two lines going parallel. And the bottom line is going to be a little bit ahead of the top line, because of the elbow. So, you're going to bring that out a little bit more. And then, do a line going up and then, do two parallel lines going up, just to show that he's kind of waving. And then, usually when somebody is waving at you, you've got the thumb that's going to be closer to you. So, you're going to make sure that you've got the smaller, smaller part, smaller finger going on this side here. Do five fingers. And then, for the pants, you're just going to bring in a little bit of a line going a little bit closer in, than the ones on the top, for the shirt. Just to show that the pant line is going a little bit underneath the top of the shirt. You're going to do two lines going down, like this. And then, a couple small lines kind of arcing at the bottom, to show the bottom of the pant leg. And then, you're going to draw a V, an upside-down V going in, just to show the inside of the pant leg. And then, if you want, you can draw like, kind of smaller shoes. Just kind of, almost like, very rounded rectangles. And you can color those in, just to make them a little bit more solid. Maybe he has some stripes or something on his shirt. You can just follow with the contours of the shirt, doing arcs like that. And then, maybe got a little bit of a ground there. And there you go guys, that's how to draw a kid, step-by-step.


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