How to Draw a Cookie Jar

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When drawing a cookie jar you're basically drawing a cylinder. Learn how to draw a cookie jar with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey guys, Chris here, and today I'm going to show you how to draw a cookie jar. Basically what you're going to do is make sure that it looks like a cylinder. Let's start off with the top doing like a little bit of an arc, it's almost a straight line but it's a little bit of an arc, just to kind of show where the lid is going to be. Then we're going to draw a couple little arcs on the side and one connecting them on the top and this is going to be the lid. Do another little arc on the side just to kind of show where the side of the lid is, a couple lines going down just to show the rim and connect that as well. So here we've got the beginnings of our lid. Now it's up to you like I said before you can keep it like a cylinder or sometimes you get a lot of cookie jars that kind of like bubble out a little bit like a vase so I'm going to keep it a little bit more of a cylinder today. So basically I'm just going to do a couple lines going down just to keep it simple here, two lines going parallel of each other and then you're going to do a line at the bottom that almost kind of connects them. So here we've got our basic jar and then cookie jars usually have like a label on them so we're going to do a couple lines here and then a line connecting them but make sure that this line that's on the label is going with the contour and the shape of the jar. So you're going to want to keep that line with the same kind of swoop as the bottom and the top line and you're going to do the same thing at the bottom so you kind of have like a bit of a rectangle there and I'm going to write cookies on the outside and you can do whatever you want. I mean if you want to draw some, draw a little of like a half eaten cookie or something on the label too you're more than welcome to do that. And then we can't forget our most important part which are the cookies. Now you can make these cookies whatever your favorite ones are. I'm going to make them, I have a yellow marker so I'm going to make them maybe like shortbreads. But I'm just going to do like a bunch of little lines or a bunch of little circles that are full, just kind of fill it up, almost like it looks like it's filled with jelly beans but like if you're doing chocolate chips or something you can put a bunch of little black dots in there just for the chocolate chips and make sure that you're going behind the label so that the label is in front of all the cookies that are in the jar. And maybe flesh out the lid a little but, give it a little bit of opaqueness and then show that it's sitting on the counter. And that is your basic cookie jar.


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