How to Draw a Blossom Tree

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When drawing a blossom tree it may be wise to start with the top branches. Learn how to draw a blossom tree with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey guys, it's Chris here and today I'm going to show you how to draw a blossom tree. So basically what I'm going to do, is I'm going to start from the top, the top branches, and kind of just go a squiggly line, just kind of follow it down. There we go. And then you're going to want, do another one that's pretty close, just so you can kinda, like add a little bit of thickness to some of the branches. And kind of just go down like that a little bit. Now this is going to be one of the roots, so you're going to want to make one that comes down a little bit closer than the, than the other one. We're going to connect these two here. I'm going to do some more branches, kind of like going off to the side maybe. I can do a branch going off this way. And finish it off down so you can kind of make the, the trunk of the tree is going to be the most, the thickest part, so you're going to want to make that a little bit more evenly spread out. So you're going to bring that down and kinda, roots are all like kind of twisty and turny, so don't, don't need to be perfect down there or with anything on a tree, for that, for that matter. If you want you can kind of make it as high as you, as you want, just drawing a bunch of branches. Now all of these are going to be underneath all the leaves. So you don't have to make those perfect. But what I'm going to do now, is I'm going to take my green marker and I'm just going to fill these out. Just basically doing, just a, you don't have to draw every single leaf, you can kinda, people are, will get the, get the idea, so all you have to do, is really just kind of draw a bunch of squiggly lines with your green, green marker. Or a green pencil or whatever you have. I'm just, basically just filling out the form in the shape of a tree. And like I said, you can make it however you want. There's some many different kinds of trees in the world, so no need to, to make it into any, any specific style. But there we go. Got some branches. Maybe there's some vines, like hanging off. And maybe some grass at the bottom. Now this is a blossoming tree, so what I'm going to do, is I'm going to use my pink marker. You can use a white one if you want. A yellow one. Whatever you want, I'm just using pink so I can, so it pops out a little bit stronger, so you can kind of see. But then I'm just going to draw some flowers, some basic flowers. The easiest way to do, do some, some quick flowers, are just to do it almost like a star. And you can just kind of like do a couple little lines, kind of going out from the center. And you can keep doing that, all over your tree. Just make it as blossomy as you, as you want, maybe it's the middle of spring. And you want to get as many as you can in there. Just to kind of keep it full. And make it not look too sparse. Like I said, you can use any color you want, or you can use multiple colors. If you want to use orange, you can use, do that as well, And just get creative with it, you know, and do your own thing. Maybe some blossoms fell on the ground. And if you want you can put some more, some more branches coming up from the bottom or however you want to do it. But that's your basic blossoming tree and good luck to you.


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