How to Draw an Easy Cowboy Boot

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Not every drawing of a cowboy boot has to be overly difficult. Draw an easy cowboy boot with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey guys, Chris here and today I'm going to show you how to draw an easy cowboy boot. So basically what we're going to do, is you're going to start off with two lines at the top, kind of going in a V and that's going to be the top of the boot. You're going to draw a couple lines going down, and one is kind of going in a little bit, well they're both kind of going at a little bit of an angle, instead of just going straight down parallel. When you get to the bottom, this sides going to be the heel, so you're going to make it a little bit of a bump there. You're going to bring this side down and then you're going to have a, kind of of a rounded edge to the, front of the toe. You're going to do a flat bottom and that's where the sole of the shoe is. Go up a little bit in an arc and then here's the heel, so you're going to draw almost like a, kind of of a half rectangle there. And then, usually cowboy boots have seams in there that you can see, where the leather has been kind of brought together. So you can draw those in, just kind of in terms of lines, one going, at an arc like that, where the toe would be. One going this way, so that it's kind of like the middle of the foot and then one going where the heel is. If you want you can also put some spurs on there, just bring an easy line going out the back, a little, little kind of dot there and then almost like a, like a sun, kind of going out. So you've got all, like the, the parts of the metal that are, that are spurring out. And then if you want you can do, put a star in there, whatever, maybe he's a sheriff, or something. So you just draw a little star. And there you go guys, an easy cowboy boot.


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