How to Draw a Castle Balcony

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The balcony of a castle is made up of a few basic shapes. Learn how to draw a castle balcony with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey guys, Chris here and today, I'm going to show you how to draw a castle balcony. So, basically, what we're going to do is, we're going to just draw two parallel lines going up and down, like that, this is going to be like a tower. You're going to do a couple diagonal lines connecting to those. And then, a couple more lines on the side. So, it almost looks like a very zig-zaggy kind of, kind of line. If you want, you can finish it off the bottom with a little bit of an arc, just to show that it's kind of a tower. And then, at the top, you're going to want to draw like an oval. So, it almost looks like a flashlight, kind of shinning straight up. You're going to do another arc at the bottom there and then, another arc here. And you might want to do this with a pencil, just to start off, I'm doing it with a marker here. Just so that you can make sure you can erase, because these are just the outlines. And what we're going to do, is we're going to just make a couple box, box like shapes. Just all connecting, going with this line across the top. So that you can show a little bit, a little bit of dimension. And then, you're going to do the same thing around the back. So that you can kind of see how they're connecting with each other. And then, for me, I'm going to erase these lines, because you don't need those. And always, whenever you're drawing, just make sure that you I mean, you're like, always should be alright with making an outline first, before hand. Because if you're learning you know, you've got to make sure that you've got all those things together. Can't expect to know what you're doing right off the bat. So, basically, this is just the top of the castle, we're kind of like, looking down a little bit. And then, if you want, you can do maybe a window here, maybe there's somebody trapped inside, or something. I'll do a little stick, a stick lady there. Maybe there's some curtains, there we go. And now, just to show that it's brick, you can do a little bit of, a couple flourishes here, just kind of like following with the shape. Making sure it looks like a cylinder. And you can kind of make it look like bricks there. And then, maybe you've got some people, all on the top too. Alright guys, that's basically how you make your castle tower.


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