How to Draw Crazy Cartoon Eyes

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Crazy cartoon eyes tend to be drawn in a few different sizes. Learn how to draw crazy cartoon eyes with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey guys, this is Chris here and today I'm going to show you how to draw some crazy cartoon eyes. I'm show you how to do a couple different ones. The first ones I'm going to do are going to be two different sizes so you're going to draw one oval and then another oval next to it a little bit smaller. The one that's smaller, I personally like to give it a little bit of a bigger pupil, so you can kind of fill that in in the middle, kind of going along the shape that's on the outside. On the other side, we're going to draw a little bit of a smaller one so it looks like he's a little bit crazy. And then, maybe you want to draw the eyebrows. So, one's going down like that and the other one is a little bit crazy so it's goin' up, maybe he's like, puttin' one up. He's, he's wondering something. And then, you can do a couple of lines underneath for the bags under the eyes and then one on top if you want to do that as well. You can use any colors you want if you want to fill in some corneas. You can, can do that as well. Just do your own thing. If you want to do some kind of shady eyes you can also take a swoop like that. I know this kind of looks like he's smilin'. But, you can take a swoop that goes down like this and then we're going to fill out eyes that almost look like glasses. And maybe he's a little bit shady, so he's looking off to the side. And he's kind of got a frown on his face. And you can do a couple bags under the eyes as well here. Maybe want to kind of like emphasize that these are his, his eyes here by using a green marker. He looks a little bit spooky and kind of angry. Finish doing the bags under the eyes. If you want to give him a nose you can do that as well. And some creepy eyebrows. But, yeah guys you can really can do, do whatever you want. Just make them as as crazy as possible and do your own thing, you know? But, these are your basic crazy cartoon eyes. Enjoy.


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