How to Draw a Hovercraft & a Spacecraft

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Hovercrafts and spacecrafts are a great opportunity to let your imagination run wild. Draw a hovercraft and a spacecraft with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey guys, Chris here, and today, I'm going to show you how to draw a hovercraft and a spacecraft. So, hovercraft, I guess, I'm just going to start off with kind of doing a dome here. This is going to be the top of it, then you can connect it, kind of doing like another swoop at the bottom. And then, to get the round part of the metal that's going around, you start, it almost makes it look like a hat. You're going to go kind of like an arc like that, underneath and back around the top And then, you're going to one line to just kind of show that this is like that, the side area right here. And if you want, you can do, maybe a couple lights, just some dots going along the edge, just kind of like that. And then, underneath, if you want, maybe you can have like a light shinning down, or something for this, for the spacecraft, this UFO. And then, if you want, you can even put like a little antenna on the top. It's kind of going like that, maybe it's got some signals that it's sending out to space. And this maybe, you want to make it glass, so you can give it a little bit of a shine. Or, maybe it's just a really shiny metal. And if you want, you can do some circles like that, kind of going around the outside, just to show that there's some windows in there. Now, if you're going to do a hovercraft, I'm kind of going for the same thing. Except I'm going to make it kind of look more, a little more like a car. When you're doing that, I'm going to start off with the back end. Which is going to be like the back, back window. Go along the side at the top, so this is going to be the roof. Another one, another line going in the front for like the front windshield. And then, I'm just going to kind of do a rounded front. And then, just take that around and then, connect it with the back. So that it almost looks like, kind of like a shoe. And the back, we're going to have maybe some, some windmills or something, to kind of like, show that it's being propelled by air through the, the sky. So, we do like a circle on the back. And then, almost make it look like a wheel, by doing a bunch of lines that are going through the middle. I'm going to do a line there, just to kind of show that this is the bottom part. And this is also, maybe it lands in water too. So, maybe you want to make it more like a raft or something, made with rubber. You can do a windshield in the front, kind of just going like that. And then, you can do some, a window on the side, or make that two. And then, maybe some lines showing that it's being propelled forward. Maybe if you want, maybe it needs some landing wheels. So, if you want to do that, you can just do couple lines down the middle. And then, some circles kind of connecting, showing that they're wheels. Alright guys, and that's how you draw hovercraft and a spacecraft.


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