How to Draw Fairies for Kids

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Drawing fairies can be a great way to let a kid explore their imagination. Draw fairies for kids with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey guys, Chris here, and today, I'm going to show you how to draw fairies for children. So, basically, the way I'm going to start off here, is I'm going o start off with the head. So, you're kind of going down like that, so it looks almost like an oval, that's going lengthwise. Then, we're going to draw maybe, just a couple little eyes, followed by a nose. And maybe, she's smiling, so she's got a little bit of a smirk on the side. I'm going to draw a couple lines for the neck there and then, we're going to also draw a couple lines for the arms. And those are just kind of going down on the side, just, you kind of drape them down like they're couple arcs. And you can bring those all the way down. And then, you can finish off with the hands, at the bottom. And then, bring up another line, kind of arcing the opposite way to finish off the arm. And do the same thing on the other side, there we go. And now, maybe she's wearing like a, maybe she's wearing a leaf dress or something. So, we're going to use the green here, and we're going to kind of follow the contour of the body. And we're going to bring two lines going down, just like that. And then, we're going to kind of make it almost like an hour glass shape. And maybe you can leave her a little bit, on one side, kind of leafy looking. So, it's almost like a little skirt she's wearing. You can color it in, if you want, you can put like, flowers on it, or whatever you can get. Get as creative as you want, you know, this is your, your drawing. So, we're going to do it just like that, and we're going to just draw a couple legs going down. And don't forget the knees and the feet. And the feet, you don't have to just make, I mean, you can make them a little sketchy, if you want. They don't have to be perfect. And now, we're going to do the most important thing, are the wings. And you can get them as butterfly-ey as you want. We're going to use my pink here, and just bring two kind of arcs going up, just to where the top of the head is, on both sides. And then, you're going to do the same thing at the bottom. But you're going to make sure that it looks like it's going underneath, where the arms are. So, if there's an arm there, you've got to make sure that you, you draw it so, the arm is in front. You can color it in, if you want, I'm using my pink here, just keeping it really bright. Doing the same thing on the other side, here. And then, finishing it off on this side. And if you want, you an kind of probably do some, some little lines on the side, to show that she's flying. And if you want, you could also get your, your handy-dandy orange and maybe, give her some flowy hair. Alright guys, but that's how you draw a fairy for children, good luck.


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